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Shop What’s New

Shop What’s New is a personalised, social shopping experience.

I co-founded Shop What’s New in 2011. Since the original version of the site we’ve gone through a number of re-designs culminating in the current version of the responsive web app which focuses on personalisation and social commerce. 

With this being a self-funded business we’ve all had to perform a tonne of different roles. This means I’ve been involved on everything within the business from product strategy, marketing strategy, event planning, branding, technical resourcing and a even bit of front end dev. 



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Product design, product strategy, UX, UI, branding, marketing, business dev



Versions on versions

Early releases of the SWN platform included many features which either don’t exist on the site now, or are heavily stripped back.  

Removing or changing features and re-working page layouts was initially a quite ad-hoc process, but as we progressed throughout the journey we’ve began to rely more on quantitative data and insights in order to decide where to make changes in order to extract the most amount of value. 


More info on this project is coming! Meanwhile please take a look at the current version of Shop What’s New